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Hairnets, as one can probably tell by the name, are small nets worn on the head to contain the hair and keep it in place. Sometimes hairnets are worn for style reasons, and often they're worn on the job to stop hair from falling where they shouldn't.

Who wears hairnets?

Hairnets are worn by many people: workers in the food service industry and lab technicians in particular. They wear hairnets because it is very important that what they are working on (food and lab samples respectively) are not contaminated by their falling hair. Sometimes they wear shower caps instead of hairnets.

Hairnets have also made their mark on fashion: variations of the hairnet, often called snood in this instance, have appeared in women's fashion for hundreds of years, though they are not really seen that often anymore in modern times.

People who wear hairnets in their profession put them on before they enter the area they are to work in and keep it on all day or as long as they remain there. Hairnets are available in different sizes. They are sold in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 32 inches.

Hairnets can be made of different kinds of materials, most often synthetics such as polyesters, polypropylenes and nylon. Some hairnets that are specifically designed for people with longer hair (mostly women) are looser in construction and hangs down the back of the head while covering the hair. Other hairnets that are designed for both men and women resemble a shower cap in appearance. These hairnets are often described as "bouffant caps" and cover the head in the manner of a shower cap.

Hairnets are usually made of nets with very fine meshes -- that is, the holes are very small to ensure that hair won't fall out of them. The edges of the hairnets are elasticized so that they can be worn snugly and comfortably on the head without fear of them falling off.

Hairnets can be purchased in supermarkets and drugstores. Industries where hairnets are worn in the work area can also order their hairnets directly from the manufacturer. These manufacturers offer hairnets that come not only in a variety of sizes but colors as well. However, the most common color of hairnets is white.

Hairnets are a necessary part of the wardrobe of many people in their work. Hairnets help ensure the safety of the procedures and services they offer and the integrity of the products that they make.

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